Castle Exteriors

Rental of Premises

The Southern Terraces of the castle (max. capacity 200), the castle courtyards (max. capacity up to 1000), the terrace "Na Baště" (max. capacity 60) and certain areas of the Castle Gardens (Orchards, Summer Riding School, Upper Gardens - max. capacity up to 400) are magnificent areas supplying a garden and park atmosphere suitable for evening concerts, nocturnes, garden parties, and theatre productions.

Petr Nárožní is opening social party on the 3th courtyard of Český Krumlov castle, 2000 , foto: Lubor Mrázek Martin Dejdar is entertaining participants of the social cultural party and  even people standing by on the 2nd courtyard of Český Krumlov castle, foto: Zdena Flašková

The magical environment of a castle park or courtyard, intensified by a short historic performance from the Renaissance, Baroque, or 19th centuries held by actors, jugglers, sword-fighters and a voluptuous dancer,

Český Krumlov Castle, evening concert of the International Music Festival on the II. castle courtyard, August 1999, foto: Lubor Mrázek Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau, concert in the Castle Gardens, 1999, foto: Pavel Slavko

together with a glass of good wine from the castle cellars, with the inspiring sound of trumpets from the Castle Tower - all these guarantee an authentic atmosphere fitting such a historical location as the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau. Rental fees are dependent of the type of event and the length of usage.

Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau, terrace Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau, summer Riding School, children's afternoon

Minimal fees :

Castle courtyards : rental fees are dependent on the type of event and length of usage and run from 700,- Kč to 22 000,- Kč.

Terrace "Na Baště" : minimal fee for one-time usage: 5 500,- Kč

Castle Gardens : Summer Riding School, Orchard, Upper Garden: - minimum rental fee for one-time usage: 11 000,- Kč

Space in front of the Winter Riding School : 5 000,- Kč

Original lightning  of  4th  courtyard of Český Krumlov castle made by chunks during cultural party, foto: Lubor Mrázek

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